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by LifePharm Inc.

The LAMININE and Telomere Connection

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The telomere has received a great deal of attention lately from nutrition and anti-aging experts. Telomeres protect the integrity of chromosomes and the length of these protective caps determine our body’s cellular health. A recent study shows how Laminine supports good cell protection and development, particularly in the area of keeping telomeres long and robust. This significant breakthrough discovery provides evidence that taking LAMININE supplements daily results in longer telomeres.


Researchers emphasize the importance of telomerase, the enzyme responsible for increasing telomere length. Their investigation searched for the best nutritional ingredients that support healthy telomere lengthening.


Which Foods Lengthen Your Telomeres?

Long-term research studies confirmed that a good diet can lengthen your telomeres. This includes food rich in antioxidants, but also:


  • Lean meats
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Olive oils
  • Whole grains

Longer telomeres is an important factor in slowing down the aging process.


What Shortens Telomere Length?

Short telomeres inhibit proper cellular division, which has been shown to be strongly correlated with health issues associated with aging. Your lifestyle will also affect your telomeres, and poor health choices will lead to shorter length, including:


  • Extreme stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Western high-fat diets
  • Smoking
LAMININE Helps Increase Telomerase Enzyme Activity

Scientists at LifePharm initiated a clinical study to determine if LAMININE supports good telomere length. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez of DaVinci Biosciences in Loma Linda, CA observed eight subjects who consumed four Laminine daily for 90 days. 


The subjects who took LAMININE did not change their diets or lifestyle habits, but still showed evidence of telomere lengthening. The study revealed that taking Laminine supports telomerase activity that results in longer, more effective telomeres. 


This study endorsed other findings that LAMININE:


  • Supports optimal metabolism.
  • Contributes anti-inflammatory components.
  • Contains specific growth factors essential for connective tissue, vessel formation and repair.

LAMININE has been shown to assist cellular regeneration thanks to the supplement’s essential growth factors and FGF2, which play a significant role in healthy cell development. This nutritional game changer complements other anti-aging routines such as consistent exercise, proper nutrition and other wellness building activities.

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