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by LifePharm Inc.

Build a Strong Immune System with Life-C Vitamin C

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IMMUNE+++, the proprietary formula of LifePharm, was recently evaluated in a clinical trial whereby subjects consumed two tablets daily for 12 weeks. A standard clinical blood test evaluated the immune cells before and after taking the IMMUNE+++ supplement for 12 weeks. White blood cell counts were found to be significantly higher, while the number of T cells showed an extremely noteworthy increase.


The Importance of Vitamin C for Immune Cells

Immune cells need up to 40 times more vitamin C than other cells in the body. The macrophage white blood cells are important cells of the immune system that are formed in response to an infection or accumulating damaged or dead cells. Macrophages are large, specialized cells that recognize, engulf and destroy target cells. The metabolic pathways within the immune cells need copious amounts of vitamin C.


LifePharm Life-C Vs Other Brands of Vitamin

The form of Life-C vitamin C found in IMMUNE+++ is very different than other types of vitamin C in that it has lipid carriers. The lipid carriers help it cross the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and increase its absorption. This helps it get into the bloodstream faster where it circulates through the body. Standard forms of vitamin C found in typical vitamin C products don’t deliver the same effective results as the Life-C blend found in IMMUNE+++.


When the lipid metabolites are blended with the ascorbic acid, it changes the bioavailability of the ascorbic acid substantially. Laboratory studies have shown the Life-C blend of vitamin C has superior uptake, bioavailability and retention in cells, when compared to other forms of vitamin C.


Because of its increased bioavailability, Life-C blend has a better capacity to support healthy nerve function and enhanced immune system activity as compared to other forms of vitamin C, as well as potent, free radical scavenging capabilities. 


7 Benefits of Life-C Blend

It is a well known fact that vitamin C is good for your immune system, but what exactly are the benefits? Below is a list of seven benefits of vitamin C.

  • Vitamin C protects the nervous system by promoting the survival of nerve cells. Nerve cells need an abundance of vitamin C for their optimal functioning.
  • Vitamin C is involved in the physiology of the nervous system, including the support and structure of nerve cells, their differentiation, maturation and survival.
  • Nerve cell structure also makes up the brain chemistry for nerve signal transmission. This may be supportive to memory and cognitive function in aging populations.
  • Ascorbate plays an important role in the synthesis of nerve chemicals, particularly dopamine (the “happy” hormone) and norepinephrine (works as both a hormone and neurotransmitter).
  • Life-C vitamin C enhances normal wound repair mechanisms by improving the functioning of collagen-secreting fibroblast cells.
  • Testing with Life-C vitamin C has shown a greater protective effect on immune cells that have been exposed to toxins.
  • Life-C vitamin C can enter cells more efficiently and where it is needed most, making it more beneficial than other forms of vitamin C.


What Makes IMMUNE+++ Unique?

IMMUNE+++ has a unique blend of bioflavonoids and polyphenols from berries and herbs, in addition to a synchronistic blend of superior traditional mushrooms. Selected ingredients in the science-based formula  show exceptional benefits in clinical immune cell enhancement. However, the unique blend and superior quality of vitamin C found in IMMUNE+++ is a substantial contributor to the effectiveness of this formula. 


Human Clinical Studies Conducted with Life-C Vitamin C:

After conducting clinical studies, we found multiple health benefits from taking Lifepharms Life-C. The studies concluded the following:

  • Indicates better initial absorption when it is consumed.
  • Shows that Life-C vitamin C lipid metabolites stay in the bloodstream longer, and remain at higher levels than other forms of vitamin C.
  • Shows an increase in indicators of a balanced immune system.
  • Demonstrates it protects cells from degeneration caused by free radical damage.