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by LifePharm Inc

Revitalize Your Beauty with Bioactive Cell Rejuvenation

Revitalize Your Beauty with Bioactive Cell Rejuvenation

Written by: Kimberly Lloyd M.S., Executive Research and Development Scientist 

Are you concerned about the ingredients you're applying on your skin? 

Today there is much concern about the actual ingredients making up cosmetics and skin serums and how they affect the skin cells.  Looking at a cosmetic label can be overwhelming to an average person as many chemical names often look intimidating. New discoveries of plant extracts and vitamins such as C and E have shown to have protective and antioxidant qualities that boost skin cell health. The unique LifePharm fertilized egg extract with bioidentical growth factors has been shown to enhance cell viability and the production of skin fibers. However, when ingredients are combined into a useable liquid form, unless tested, we do not know if the whole serum will be beneficial to actual skin cells as found in your skin.

Very few companies have done skin cell testing with their cosmetic formulas applied to cultures of human skin cells. LifePharm discovered in analyzing several contemporary formulas that many cosmetic manufacturers use excessive preservatives. Although preservatives are necessary to keep the formulas from growing harmful bacteria, too much preservative can harm or kill your skin cells when applied. Obviously, you do not want contaminating bacteria applied to your face and cosmetic formulas need to be preserved according to good manufacturing practices. However, there is a huge difference in using a safe preservative versus putting in up to 5 different preservatives.  

LifePharm had skin cell scientists evaluate several moisturizers and serums finding that the addition of numerous common preservatives often added to standard cosmetics did not enhance skin cell proliferation but actually killed human skin cells in laboratory testing within 3 hours. LifePharm had third party experts evaluate the safety of LAMIDERM APEX when directly applied to skin cells.  

What Makes LAMIDERM APEX Unique?  

The patented LifePharm LAMIDERM APEX has been thoroughly tested showing remarkable effects on skin cell cultures directly and clinically. Very few products on the market have been this thoroughly tested and shown scientifically to be this effective.  

LAMIDERM APEX has shown clinical effectiveness in reducing dark spots, reducing wrinkle depth and improving elasticity within 30 days when used in the morning and before bed, applying to clean skin. Advanced testing of the LAMIDERM APEX formula directly onto living human fibroblast skin cell cultures have shown the formula to enhance skin cell proliferation by 40% in both younger cells and older cells, indicating a positive effect on skin cell viability, healthy metabolism and ability to replicate new healthy cells.

LAMIDERM APEX was clinically tested by Dermatest Hmb, a world-renowned European dermatology clinic. LAMIDERM APEX received the 5 Star Certification showing not only safety but highly effective in improving all these skin parameters. LAMIDERM APEX also received the Gold Medal Product Award from Monde, a highly respected International Consumer Organization, giving the award for truth in labeling and advertising based on good scientific testing proving it works as stated.  

Did you know that the first signs of vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies often show up on the skin? 

As we age, we may notice that our skin bruises more easily and takes longer to heal, because it is aging, it is losing some of its volume and resistance. OMNIA is a unique formula that supplies a range of vitamins C, D, A, Beta carotenes, and B complex, numerous necessary minerals and ingredients such as blue green algae that contains easily digestible proteins, chlorophylls, lutein, and other powerful antioxidants that protect against photo-aging, dryness, inflammation and restore natural elasticity. Some types of bald spots, thinning hair and brittle nails are also caused by mineral or vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin C deficiency eventually leads to loosened teeth due to the breakdown of gum and mouth tissue. For instance, if you notice bleeding gums when brushing teeth this is often a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Cold sores or blisters are often caused by vitamin B deficiencies. Since the skin is the largest organ, it requires optimal nutrition to keep it soft, smooth, healthy and without rashes, or slow healing wounds.  

Often health care practitioners check blood vitamin levels in individuals with thinning hair, bald spots, and skin rashes or mouth sores to ascertain for deficiencies. Lab tests are now available online to have vitamin and mineral levels evaluated to do on your own.      

LAMIDERM APEX and OMNIA Provide Optimum Skin Nutrition for Beauty and Health!         

LAMIDERM APEX and OMNIA are designed to treat the skin by supplying optimal protection and restoration on the outside surface and by supplying the optimal nutrients to the capillaries that feed the skinmucosa and hair follicles from the inside.

If your friend or relative follows the regimen of taking OMNIA and using LAMIDERM APEX daily for thirty days, they should see noticeable results. Teenagers and young adults with blemishes or thinning hair are often deficient in specific vitamins or minerals provided in OMNIA as their eating habits are often especially sporadic or inadequate. Advise them to take 2 OMNIA daily and see what they say in a month. 


Applying the proper skincare and consuming the right nutrients together is the ultimate combo for youthful skin. 

LAMININE is LifePharm’s most popular product. LAMININE can provide many benefits, such as reversing signs of aging at the cellular level by lengthening telomeres, help alleviate sore joints, reduce stress and more. * 

LAMININE contains marine proteins, which supply essential amino acids for all basic cellular and thus body functions. It also contains phyto proteins, which contains important amino acids to create a complete amino acid supplement.  

LAMIDERM APEX contains protection and repair complex, which is extracts from pomegranate, blueberry and strawberry that provide antioxidants to repair and protect skin from sun damage. The nourish complex contains CoQ10 with vitamins C and E Strengthens cells against photo-aging and improves skin health. The radiance complex is an exclusive blend made from the extract of seven Swiss Alpine plants.  

OMNIA contains spirulina, a rich source of easily digestible plant protein with some of the most powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage throughout the skin and body. Additionally, it has antioxidant and botanical blend, rejuvenation complex, super vitamin b complex and red clover blossoms. 

Using LAMININE, LAMIDERM APEX and OMNIA together can provide a more effective result. All 3 contain egg bioactive growth factors. In LAMININE and LAMIDERM APEX, these egg bioactive growth factors help stimulate skin cell rejuvenation. For OMNIA, it can stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and fibronectin in the skin.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.