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by Erik Eidissen

Boost Your Protein Intake with Healthy Smoothies

Boost Your Protein Intake with Healthy Smoothies

If you find yourself falling short of eating enough fruits and or vegetables daily, or you become deficient in protein or essential vitamins, smoothies are a perfect way to fill that gap. In one drink, you can blend the nutrients you need for the day and that your body is missing and conveniently drink it on the go.

Protein Additives

There are several options you can choose from to give your smoothie that extra boost of nutrients and be more filling. To start, a lot of people turn to protein powder. The market is full of protein powder options and finding the right one for you can seem challenging.

When selecting a protein powder, try to avoid ones with a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

A safe bet is to also select a protein powder that is NSF International certified. The NSF International created the standards for the independent testing of supplements. The NSF International’s website is an excellent resource for finding reliable protein powder options.

Pea protein powder is a fantastic alternative to whey protein for people who lead a more plant-based lifestyle. It also aids in heart health, is rich in iron, is filling, is low in fat and calories, and still helps its consumer build muscle mass. This vegan option is considerably perfect for most diets and dietary restrictions. Naturally, pea protein powder does not contain:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Peanuts
  • Tree nuts
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat or soy

The fact that pea protein does not contain all these ingredients makes it a solid choice for people with food allergies.

How to Make a Smoothie

Making a smoothie is simple. To begin, you must have a blender to add all ingredients. From there, gather the desired ingredients of your choice. To make a smoothie with a smooth consistency, it is best to use a liquid base like milk or a lactose-sensitive alternative, or even water. If you prefer smoothies a little chunkier, add ice to them once the liquid and solid ingredients have blended.

How to Make a Strawberry Blast Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is the perfect drink to cool off with this summer. The ingredients are simple but the taste is delicious.


  • 1 cup of orange juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of strawberries
  • ¾ cup of strawberry banana yogurt
  • 1 cup of ice
  • Vanilla protein powder (optional)

Place the orange juice, banana, strawberries, protein powder, and yogurt into the blender and mix until halfway combined, and the ice and blend until the desired consistency is met. This recipe is versatile and can be customized to the consumer’s desire. Instead of adding ice, frozen fruit can be used instead. Or you can use fresh fruit and no ice to achieve a more liquid smoothie. The yogurt can also be substituted for a dairy-free yogurt option as well.

Benefits of LAMININE in a Smoothie

LAMININE is a stem cell regeneration supplement that contains the proprietary blend of egg bioactive growth factors, marine proteins and phyto proteins. This supplement helps lengthen your telomeres which in turn helps protect your DNA for longevity wellness.

Studies show that longer telomere length is strongly associated with healthy aging, less stress on the body, and better health. When your telomeres are shorter, your stem cells age faster and can no longer divide, which results in your body aging faster. Studies show that taking LAMININE daily can help to increase telomerase enzyme activity, which lengthens telomeres.

Recipe for LAMININE Boost

Another healthy smoothie option is the LAMININE Boost. Our own smoothie blend is both delicious, healthy, and only takes a couple of minutes to make.

Use the following ingredients:

  • 1 peeled orange or tangerine
  • 1 1/2 cups frozen tropical fruit mix (banana, strawberry, mango, pineapple)
  • Coconut milk as needed to thin
  • Vanilla protein powder (optional)

Add all of the ingredients to your blender and mix until combined. For a thicker consistency add ice once the liquid ingredients are blended. Similar to most smoothies, this one can also be tailored to the individual’s taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your smoothie-making process. This is an easy way to get nutrients and it should be a pleasant experience for you as well. Trying different combinations and experimenting with new fruits, vegetables, juices, waters, milk, and supplements is how you are going to discover what may become your new favorite drink and way to provide for your body.

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