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by Erik Eidissen

7 Ways to Burn Fat and Keep it Off

man running in sunset

As you enter your fitness journey and begin to tackle obstacles to achieve the goal of getting in 

shape, you may encounter one surprising hurdle towards the end of your journey. You’ve achieved your goal weight, burned fat, and gained muscle, now you’re faced with what could be a new challenge of maintaining this achievement. 

It may feel daunting to keep fat off, especially after you’ve worked so hard to get to this point. Fortunately, several strategies help you burn fat and keep it off. 

Cardio & Strength Training 

Cardio and strength training go hand-in-hand in burning fat and keeping it off. Cardio burns fat by burning calories; strength training burns fat, while muscles burn calories. The fat-free tissues gained from weight training are highly metabolic and allow for more caloric burn than any other tissue in the body. Strength training and cardio exercises complement each other to burn fat.

You can do cardio exercises to keep off unwanted fat: walking, rowing, running, swimming, hiking and biking. You can pair your cardio with weight lifting or bodyweight exercises. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT workouts, can also be a way to do cardio and strength training in one workout.


While there are foods that can support the goal of keeping off unwanted fat, there are also foods that can make the goal difficult to achieve. Avoid consuming items that are high in added sugar, such as: 

  • Soda
  • Fruit juices
  • Cookies
  • Donuts
  • Sugary breakfast pastries and cereals

There are also many processed and convenience foods that are high in fat, calories and added sugar you should also be aware of. This includes things such as: 

  • Commercially prepared frozen pizzas
  • Frozen dinners or package meals
  • Granola bars
  • Sweetened dairy products
  • Processed meats like hot dogs, deli meat, or canned meat. 

These things seem like a safe bet, but this is why reading labels and ingredients is essential to truly understand what you’re consuming and the implications it may come with. 

On the contrary, there are items and food groups you should consume to reduce body fat and help keep it off. Fatty fish like salmon and herring are high in omega-3 fatty acids. A study conducted on 44 adults who took omega-3 supplements daily showed that the subjects lost an average of 1.1 pounds and had significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass. 

Add omega-3 to your diet through LifePharms supplement OMEGA+++. OMEGA+++ is a proprietary multi-action formula designed to help maintain and improve circulatory health.

We use omega fatty acids 3 (EPA and DHA) and 9. OMEGA+++ is also strengthened with vitamin K2, CoQ10 Extended Release, egg bioactive growth factors, and borage oil. This gives our formula a unique boost of efficiency that supports healthy blood flow and improves overall circulatory health.

Chicken and eggs are other excellent options to help you burn fat. Fish, chicken, and eggs are solid sources of protein. Digesting protein leaves you feeling full and increases your metabolic rate. 

Your body needs sugar and carbohydrates to supply glucose to the brain. You can find natural sugars in foods that contain carbohydrates; fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. That is the type of sugar you should include in your diet, and limit the options with a lot of added sugar. 

Stay Hydrated

In addition to eating all the right foods to support your body’s fat burning, you also need to stay hydrated. It is recommended that men drink 15.5 cups of water a day, and women drink 11.5 cups of water a day. This is just a general recommendation. There are many factors to consider, such as age and daily activity level, that should be considered when determining how much water a day you should drink. 

You even burn calories while you drink water during resting expenditure, the time when your body is burning resting calories. A study conducted on a group of overweight women who made the only lifestyle change of drinking 1 liter of water a day found that they lost an extra 4.4 pounds at the end of the 12 months. 

Drinking water also helps flush toxins out of the body and absorb fiber which supports the digestive system in removing toxins and waste. 

Eat Slowly and with Portion Control 

Measuring out and taking a serving size is a simple way to ensure you don’t overeat. Regularly overeating can lead to undesired weight gain and mean more time to burn the extra calories. Buying bowls and plates in various sizes will help you control your portion. 

You should also eat slowly to give your body the time it needs to take in the food and digest it. That way, you can avoid eating fast and then being too full. 

Get Your Recommended Sleep Every Night

Sleep is essential to all parts of our lives. We need it to give our body the rest it depends on so it can give us the energy and support we rely on to get through the day. You can’t burn fat if you don’t have the energy to do so. 

The recommended amount of sleep varies from person to person and depends on various factors. Regardless though, it is a free and easy tool everyone has access to, that will help you burn fat and keep it off. On average, we burn around 50 calories an hour while we sleep. If you’re clocking your nightly 8 hours, that could be roughly 2,800 calories a week, depending on your personal basal metabolic rate. 

Add Supplements to Your Daily Intake to Support Your Fat Burn

Sometimes weight loss journeys can feel daunting, especially if you don’t see the results that you’ve expected. One way to boost your journey is through health supplements that can help your body lose weight faster.

LifePharm’s Extrim Shape targets the root causes of weight gain as you age, without having to make any drastic diets or regimen changes. This revolutionary supplement uses a proprietary blend of Egg Bioactive Growth Factors and natural ingredients to activate cellular regeneration so that you can control your shape. These ingredients help regenerate new healthy cells to block sugars and carbs, burn excess fat, and boost metabolism and energy levels.

Extrim also:

  • Helps block fat by binding to fat in the digestive tract before it’s absorbed, trapping as much as seven times its weight in fat.
  • Helps block carbs by absorbing up to 35 grams of unwanted starches per meal.
  • Helps burn fat effectively without ephedra, a commonly found medicinal preparation many cannot tolerate.
  • Helps suppress appetite and block fat production without the use of guar gum, which can cause obstructions in the stomach, esophagus, and intestines.
  •  Helps encourage colon cleansing and detoxing.

Start your weight loss journey today and visit to get the boost you need!