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The Surprising Link Between High Blood Sugar and Dementia

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New research findings make an association between high blood sugar and increased risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia. The increased risk of dementia includes several types of neurological decline. Scientists are looking at several mechanisms that could be responsible.

  •  Several risk factors are predictors of cerebrovascular problems, accelerated cognitive decline, and dementia, including high levels of fats and cholesterol in the blood.
  • High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) may cause adverse effects of potentially “toxic” glucose byproducts in the brain and its blood vessels. 
  • Insulin may be involved, as it can directly affect nerve function, memory and learning. Disturbances in insulin can alter pathways in and around the brain and have recently been implicated in dementia, brain aging, and memory loss.

How Does High Blood Sugar Affect Health? 

Blood sugar regulation is essential to the body. Each cell of the body has receptor sites to allow glucose into the cell via the hormone (insulin) created during digestion. After eating a meal, the pancreas secretes insulin into the body to prepare the cells to absorb sugar. 

Insulin triggers the “doors” of the cells to allow a certain amount of sugar into the cells. Cells can only take in a certain amount of glucose, or they will be destroyed. The body has a feedback mechanism to release insulin to open the cells to absorb the glucose but also “closes the doors” when enough has entered. 

If too many carbohydrates (glucose and similar sugars) are eaten, the body’s cells shut their doors completely. The excess glucose circulates until it can be removed. A high concentration of circulating glucose causes side reactions, some of which bombard vascular tissues and blood vessels. Excess glucose reacts with molecules it is not supposed to, creating new substances called glycation products. The highly damaging glycation products take a massive toll on the body. 

How Does High Blood Sugar Affect the Brain?

The brain is an organ that needs sugar as fuel for its energy source. But if the sugar is too highly concentrated, it affects the brain tissue. Side reactions occur, and plaque starts to build up in the vessels as well as in between the nerve cells. 

Nerve cells in the brain need to “fire” to activate the current between one nerve cell to the next. Clogging this pathway with too much glucose toxic glycation byproducts and oxidative damage results in plaque formation in the brain tissue. These are not a regular occurrence in brain tissue, but they are found in persons with increasing and severe dementia.

How Does LAMININE Affect Sugar Levels? 

A small pilot study showed that subjects had down-regulated blood sugar levels after 12 weeks of taking LAMININE. Although this was a very preliminary, small pilot study, and more extensive studies are underway, the results indicated that taking LAMININE might support those beginning to show signs of slightly elevated blood sugar.

The subjects selected had blood sugar levels within the high-normal range.* A professional statistician evaluated the differences before and after supplementation and determined that the differences were “statistically significant,” which means that the effect was attributable to the LAMININE products.

Laminine May Help Maintenance of Blood Sugar Levels

Traditional Asian cultures have been aware of the health-supporting qualities of fertilized avian eggs and utilized it as a dietary supplement for many years, almost like a tonic. Recent science has shown that the fertilized avian egg goes through stages where it has various cell-stimulating factors, proteins, peptides, and amino acids, among many other nutrients that may support healthy cells. 

Although this is very limited and preliminary scientific research, there is an indication that LAMININE may help in supporting the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. The results of this research are promising as we obtained an indicator that the active ingredients of the LAMININE formulation are preserved and active. Many people have given endorsements of their personal experiences with LAMININE, from helping to improve sleep to support a positive outlook. 

Remember to see a doctor if you think you may have high blood sugar levels and have your blood sugar and blood pressure tested often to help ascertain your health. For more information about healthy living, visit our website at!