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by LifePharm Inc.

COVID-19 Pandemic Heightened Awareness of Health and Wellness

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In its 21th consecutive year, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) conducted its annual survey monitoring the statistics, usage and confidence in dietary supplements. The survey was conducted online by Ipsos Public Affairs, which conducts strategic research in partnership with clients from government, public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. 


Noteworthy Data from CRN 2020 Annual Report

The study showed that a big percentage of the US population are using health supplements, and that the COVID-19 pandemic increased focus on overall health and wellness. Below are some noteworthy statistics from the 2020 survey:


  • 83% believe dietary supplements play an important role in helping to support health and wellness during COVID-19.
  • 88% believe that it is important to continue incorporating dietary supplements into their lifestyle in light of the pandemic.
  • 98% are likely to continue with their current supplement routine moving forward.
  • 91% of supplement users who changed their routine increased their intake.


4 LifePharm Powerhouses

LifePharm is devoted to providing unique dietary formulas that are extraordinary for the benefit of your health and well-being. Much time is devoted to research and development of potent, science-backed, formulas that combine the best that nature has to offer. In the development of dietary supplements, many companies use minimal ingredients or a basic formula. LifePharm goes the extra mile to produce an effective formula with high quality and proven effective ingredients, then evaluates those formulas in clinical trials. 



LAMININE is the LifePharm exclusive, unprocessed fertilized avian egg extract that contains growth factors, peptides, nutrients, antioxidants and proteins. Recent research has uncovered that the avian egg naturally contains chondroitin and specific growth factors that support cartilage and connective tissue formation and repair, which are known to support joint health. 


To create a more superior formula, a full array of amino acids from selected marine, fish and vegetable proteins has been added to complete and enhance the amino acid profile. Subjects consuming two Laminine daily for three months showed support for helping maintain normal blood sugar when their blood sugar levels were rising to a high-normal range. See the study in the PDR here.



IMMUNE+++ is a unique LifePharm formula that contains Life-C vitamin C with lipids and bioflavonoids proven to enhance bioavailability and potency in the bloodstream. Traditional mushrooms – maitake, reishi and turkey tail – have been studied for neuroprotective, antioxidant and immune-boosting effects, especially in the last 10 years.


The berry blend added to IMMUNE+++ has shown powerful antioxidant benefits with plant polyphenols and anthocyanins, known for strengthening the immune system when it has been compromised as well as other benefits for skin support, eye health and circulatory health.


In late 2016, LifePharm published data from a clinical study on IMMUNE+++ and Laminine. The breakthrough study compared subjects who took only IMMUNE+++ versus those who took IMMUNE+++ and LAMININE together. The results concluded that subjects who took only IMMUNE+++ saw a significantly enhanced White Blood Cell count and T-cell counts.


Those that took IMMUNE+++ in combination with LAMININE showed a highly significant change in an increase of B cells, when compared to the group taking IMMUNE+++ alone. The study surmised that the ingredients and nutrients found in IMMUNE+++ and LAMININE are an outstanding immune support formula for overall health and wellness when combined.



DIGESTIVE+++ is a dietary supplement that contains Bacillus coagulans, one of the most potent lactobacillus probiotics. Because it forms a spore, it is able to resist digestion. This allows it to stay viable to inhabit and reproduce in the lower GI tract where it can act as a beneficial microbe. Preliminary studies showed that when subjects who felt joint soreness and mild pain consumed this particular probiotic, they experienced less soreness, stiffness and had improved mobility.


Studies have shown that probiotics have supported keeping the gut lining healthy and intact so that undesirable digestive products do not cross into the bloodstream. To perfect an already superior product, DIGESTIVE+++ also contains a full array of enzymes that digest proteins, fats, milk sugar (lactose) and carbohydrates. 


The blend of prebiotics in the form of yacon root, artichoke and special polysaccharides make their way through the digestive tract until reaching the colon. They provide the optimal food for beneficial microbes, creating the ideal biome to support a healthy colon. Beneficial gut microbes have also been shown to make neuro-metabolites that support good mood.



OMEGA+++ is uniquely formulated with omega 3, 6 and 9 from potent fish and borage oils, enhanced with the LifePharm exclusive Fertilized Avian Egg Extract and CoQ10 Extended Release. Vitamin K2, often deficient in standard diets, has been incorporated into the base formula, shown now to be important in heart health by redistributing calcium to bone tissues rather than promoting calcification in arteries and blood vessels. 


The proprietary blend of ingredients not only supports circulatory health by helping to maintain good fats and healthy cholesterol levels, but promotes skin and eye health as well. 


The people participating in the CRN study gave 10 main reasons why they take health supplements. These four LifePharm Powerhouse Products have shown support against all 10 of the issues the participants stated in the study. Try adding them to your daily diet today!