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by LifePharm Inc

Dr. Thomas Staudacher, Doctor of Naturopathy, Used Cellnergy Treatments on Subject with Chronic Pain from Tendon Damage

cellnergy wellness lifepharm stem cell healing chronic pain
Dr. Thomas Staudacher N.D., Certified Acupuncturist, Founder and Inventor of ART™ (Acoustic Restoration Therapy), and LifePharm Medical Board Member is an expert in the use and interpretation of NilasMv, VedaPulse, Quantum Analysis and DNA Resonance Technology. These provide noninvasive, state-of-the-art instruments that monitor physiological changes in aging and homeostasis of heart rhythms, circulatory, muscular and biological age, energy states of organs and systems including neurological assessment.

His Wellness Clinic (IHCNM) specializes in integrating diverse Naturopathic techniques to enhance overall wellness, boost energy, and achieve emotional and physical balance during treatments. These methods are especially effective in complementing traditional therapies for cancer and chronic pain management, aiming to optimize treatment outcomes and general wellbeing. For over 12 years, the clinic has incorporated LifePharm products, with LAMININE being the cornerstone supplement, to support the health and wellbeing of clients and patients.

The preliminary case report data was on a 67-year-old female patient who has suffered with severe pain for 25 years from damaged tendons of the Achilles heel and could not walk without pain. She was treated several times with the LifePharm Cellnergy Wellness unit. The patient was first treated with emission of light directed on chakra points and measured with the NILAS instrument. Results showed a 35% increase in balanced positive energy and aging measurements. The same patient was treated later, applying the Cellnergy light and heat emission to both sides of the body at ten-minute intervals in the sweeping motion along the back of the body. NILAS measurements were taken, and results showed a marked improvement in parameters and biological aging measurement was reversed from 63 years to 55 years.

“Cellnergy treatment applied has demonstrated a marked positive impact when addressing pain on both sides. For clients, like this one, who have endured severe pain for over 20 years, the Cellnergy treatment effect was notably significant. Within just 5 minutes, she reported a noticeable decrease in her chronic pain.

I wanted to observe how Cellnergy was impacting the patient when I used the upper and lower back as recommended in the manual. And here you see a distinct increase in the fractal picture (from 33%-50% to 50%-66%, which is from an insufficient harmonization to a normal level of harmonization, which is about a 5 plus).

cellnergy wellness lifepharm dr thomas staudacher pain stem cells healthy aging

Dr. Staudacher evaluates results of patient with chronic pain receiving Cellnergy treatment.

The graph shows an extreme shift of the biological age (a decrease of entropy). The value changed from 63 to 55 years. Consequently, this value points to profound changes in health status. And it shows the importance of treating the whole body and not only localized areas to achieve a better outcome.”

cellnergy wellness lifepharm dr thomas staudacher stem cell activation healthy aging

Brain wave patterns as measured with the NILAS MV demonstrates the psycho-emotional state of an individual.

The graphs show a 67-year-old woman with chronic pain measuring her brain waves before treatment with Cellnergy unit (left graph) as compared to after Cellnergy treatment (right graph). After using the Cellnergy device on the patient we can see the shifts in the various wave frequencies. The active brain wave patterns have switched, while also showing brain wave areas have become more active (an indication of general activation and synchronization).

Particularly interesting is that Theta and Beta brain activity has increased. This increase in brain activity can benefit those with chronic pain. Theta waves promote deep relaxation and healing states, potentially aiding in pain reduction. Beta waves, when increased in specific patterns, can help in modulating pain perception by altering the brain's focus. Together, they can create a balanced state where the brain is both relaxed and actively engaged in pain management, enhancing the brain's natural ability to cope with and diminish pain sensations.

Dr. Staudacher continues to monitor the patient’s ongoing use of the Cellnergy treatments for reduction in pain and supporting her mobility.