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by LifePharm Inc

Important Update Regarding Pricing Changes

Important Update Regarding Pricing Changes

At LifePharm, we highly value bringing the best products possible to ensure high satisfaction and quality. Throughout our 10+ years in business, we have been happy to maintain consistent prices for our products. But in the current economic environment of rising costs, we have made a strategic decision after careful deliberation to adjust our pricing to continue delivering great products to you. 

What’s Changing 

The pricing adjustments will take place starting February 1, 2024. In response to the current economic landscape and rising costs, we will be introducing a significant evolution in our pricing structure across Europe.  

We will be standardizing our pricing for our products and will offer a single price inclusive of VAT. This is so that we can have consistency for all IBOs and customers, regardless of their location. It is a move that reflects LifePharm’s commitment to fairness and clarity, setting a new industry standard.  

In some markets, this pricing update may result in a slight increase in prices. Other markets, especially those with higher VAT rates, prices may decrease. This is a balanced approach that is a testament to our commitment to adapt strategically while we continue to maintain the high quality that is expected of LifePharm products.  

The Auto-Delivery subscription price will be adjusted accordingly, and we will remain committed to providing a 10% discount for our subscribers.  

Our flat shipping rates for orders under subtotal €150 will be updated as well. Orders that total €150 or more will still have the benefits of complimentary shipping.  
Below are all the pricing and shipping rate changes for our European markets.

Customer Price List (Romania)
Customer Price List (Hungary)
Customer Price List (Germany)
Customer Price List (Polish) 
Customer Price List (Russia)


Q: What does VAT included pricing mean?  

A: VAT included pricing means that the listed price of our products already includes the Value Added Tax (VAT), offering transparency and simplicity in the overall pricing structure. The price you see is the final amount, inclusive of VAT.  


Q: Will the new pricing structure apply to existing Auto-Delivery subscriptions, or is it only for new subscriptions?  

A: Yes, the new pricing structure will apply to both existing and new Auto-Delivery subscriptions. All active subscriptions will be adjusted to reflect the updated pricing.  


Q: Does the new shipping rate now include VAT?  

A: Yes, the updated shipping rates now include VAT. This adjustment is part of our efforts to provide a transparent and inclusive pricing structure for our valued customers. 


Thank you to our amazing community for your continued support and understanding throughout the pricing adjustment transition. We appreciate it and will continue to provide excellent products and service to you.  



Your LifePharm Family