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by LifePharm Inc

5 Essential Vitamins and Minerals You Need for Glowing Skin

Woman with glowing skin

In the pursuit of glowing skin, we often find ourselves looking at products and foods that promise results. At LifePharm, we believe in the power of holistic skincare that harnesses the potency of nature's bounty to enhance your skin's vitality and luminosity.

In today's fast-paced world, our skin faces a barrage of environmental aggressors, such as pollutants and UV radiation, leading to oxidative stress and premature aging. However, by understanding the crucial role of specific minerals and vitamins, you can fortify your skin's defenses and unlock its inherent radiance. Consuming and applying these essential minerals/vitamins are beneficial for your skin.

To achieve glowing skin, it's not just about what you apply externally, but also what you nourish your body with internally. At LifePharm, we emphasize the importance of a balanced diet that support skin health from the inside out. Having glowing skin is a reflection of overall health and well-being, and with the right nutrition and skincare practices, you can reveal your skin's natural glow.

Achieving glowing skin requires consistent care and attention. Beyond the beneficial effects of a nutrient-rich diet, integrating regular exfoliation and moisturization into your skincare regimen can remove dead skin cells and provide hydration, further enhancing your skin's natural glow. LifePharm's approach to holistic skincare encourages not just the right nutrients, but also the right skincare habits to maintain glowing skin.

Here are some minerals and vitamins to add to your daily life that can help to obtain glowing skin.

Unlock Glowing Skin: 5 Vitamins and Minerals Your Complexion Craves

1. Vitamin C


Vitamin C is often mentioned when it comes to health in general. According to WebMD, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which means it protects against free radicals and can possibly decrease skin cancer risk. This is why it’s essential to make sure Vitamin C is provided for our bodies.

Not only is this important for having glowing skin, but Vitamin C is also crucial for skin health overall.

According to SkinKraft, Vitamin C enhances the production of collagen in your skin. They also mention that by applying Vitamin C to your skin, it can increase collagen production, which will reduce the appearance of fine lines.

So, it is important to use products with Vitamin C to apply to your skin for protection and overall well-being. Consuming Vitamin C is important as well. Some of the foods that contain Vitamin C include oranges, brussels sprouts, lemons, tangerines and leafy greens. Doing both of these in your daily life can help you on your path of achieving glowing skin.

2. Zinc

Some of the foods that contain zinc

According to WebMD, the outer layer of the skin has five times more zinc than in the layer underneath it and can help your skin heal in the event of an injury.

This means having enough zinc on your skin is one of the ways to get vibrant, glowing skin.

Mukti Organics states that “Zinc is one of the most important healing minerals for skin health and is particularly important for acne sufferers. Zinc controls the production of oil in the skin and helps control some of the hormones that can cause acne. It's also believed to have antioxidant properties to protect against premature aging of the skin and muscles.” Due to these reasons, it is essential to make sure we get enough zinc for our bodies. Using products that contain zinc and taking them orally is key to your overall health and glowing skin.

Some foods that contain zinc include beef, pork, spinach, chicken and almonds.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A foods

Vitamin A is commonly found in items such as supplements, makeup, and skincare products. According to SkinKraft, retinoids, which are a form of Vitamin A, contain anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in the improvement of acne symptoms. Vitamin A is beneficial for decreasing visible signs of aging by impeding the process of collagen damage and can additionally prevent sun damage and sunburn.

In order to aid in sun damage prevention and maintain beautiful, glowing skin, use products that contain Vitamin A.

Essentially, Vitamin A is essential for the proper development and functioning of various organs, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys, which showcases its significance for overall health and well-being.

Some foods that contain Vitamin A are sweet potatoes, mangoes, carrots and eggs. To work on achieving glowing skin, you can also apply Vitamin A on your skin as well in retinol or retinol derivative form.

4. Omega-3 Fats

Some foods with omega-3 fats

According to Baylor Scott and White Heath, Omega-3 fats have a lot of health benefits such as helping your skin look moisturized. Moisturizing your skin is essential to give a glowing skin effect and not make it dry.

Baylor Scott and White Health also state that, “Omega-3 fats may also help reduce skin inflammation and protect against damaging UV rays. Omega-3 fatty acids are a kind of polyunsaturated fat, something the human body cannot make on its own, so it must come from your diet.” Omega-3 fats are a powerful nutrient but since the body cannot create them, it needs to be taken orally. Ensuring an adequate intake of omega-3 fats through dietary sources or supplements can contribute to overall well-being and may help in the prevention of chronic diseases. According to Healthline, “The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for alpha-linolenic acid is 1.6 grams per day for men and 1.1 grams per day for women.”

Taking supplements and foods that contain omega-3 fats will be important to obtain glowing skin.

5. Selenium

Foods with selenium

According to WebMD, selenium is a mineral that assist certain antioxidants in your body to protect the skin from UV rays. It is involved in supporting the immune system and promoting overall skin health. Incorporating selenium-rich foods and supplements into your daily life can help ensure optimal levels of this essential mineral for skin protection. And doing this can help with your glowing skin journey.

Foods that include selenium are eggs, whole grains and sunflower seeds.

Explore LifePharm's Key for Glowing Skin: Essentials for a Luminous Complexion

While you are on the path of achieving beautiful glowing skin, LifePharm offers a diverse range of products specifically formulated to support and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Whether you're looking to combat dryness, tackle signs of aging, or simply maintain healthy glowing skin, our products are designed to meet your unique skincare needs. By incorporating LifePharm's products into your daily routine, you not only nourish your skin with essential nutrients but also protect it from environmental stressors.

OMNIA Bottle

OMNIA is a meticulously formulated supplement packed with essential vitamins, minerals, which can help pave the way for glowing skin. It has an antioxidant and botanical blend that contains selenium, zinc, grape seed extract and magnesium to help protect your skin from environmental damage and biological aging.
OMNIA's inclusion of egg bioactive growth factors play a pivotal role in stimulating collagen, elastin, and fibronectin production, essential components for firm, elastic, and, most importantly, glowing skin. Additionally, it contains spirulina, which is a rich source of plant protein with some of the most powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage throughout your skin and body. With OMNIA, you’re not just getting a supplement; you're investing in a comprehensive solution for healthier, glowing skin.


LAMIDERM APEX is the first and only patented skin cell regeneration on the market that has egg bioactive growth factors. These help to stimulate the rejuvenation and activation of skin cells and obtain glowing skin. It has a combination of CoQ10 and Vitamins C and E that fight free radicals. It has a protection and repair complex, which are extracts from pomegranate, blueberry and strawberry, that provide antioxidants to repair and protect your skin from sun damage. Apply this to your skincare regimen for glowing skin.

OMEGA+++ Bottle

OMEGA+++ is a supplement that contains things such as vitamin K2, CoQ10 Extended Release, egg bioactive growth factors, and borage oil.

It uses omega fatty acids 3 (EPA and DHA) and 9. The Omega-3 is sourced from an exclusive species of fish found in South America and plants from the Mediterranean. As omega-3 was one of the essential items mentioned for glowing skin, taking OMEGA+++ daily can be beneficial.

IMMUNE+++ Bottle

IMMUNE+++ is designed not just to boost your immune system but also to support glowing skin, thanks to its unique vitamin C source called the Life-C Blend. This is the purest form of vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids and lipid metabolites added to enhance effectiveness, bioavailability and longer retention in the body. Additionally, it contains an herb and botanical blend, which are concentrated extracts from Camu camu, Acerola, Ashwagandha, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate as natural vitamin C sources with powerful antioxidants.


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