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by LifePharm Inc

LifePharm’s Clean Label Initiative for LAMININE

LifePharm’s Clean Label Initiative for LAMININE

There are many different supplements available in the world today. LifePharm strives to be a leader in providing healthy supplements that are beneficial for its users. This is why we have recently implemented our Clean Label initiative for our most popular product, LAMININE. 

What is the Clean Label Project?

The Clean Label Project is a non-profit organization that has a mission of bringing truth and transparency to food and consumer product labeling. They reward brands that have products that are focused on purity and surpass minimum regulations of the Food and Drug Administration. They encourage companies to join in becoming a part of the solution to address the increasing concern of environmental and industrial contaminants and toxins that are found in food and consumer products.  

What’s Changed for LAMININE 

In order for LAMININE to earn a “Clean Label,” we have removed titanium dioxide from its ingredients. Titanium dioxide mostly acts as a coloring agent. After its removal, this will result in a slight color change for LAMININE. While the LAMININE capsule will be the same color, the powder inside will be slightly different. The color will be a more natural color, rather than the brighter color from before.  

There are slight color variations for the LAMININE powder because of the egg bioactive growth factors. It is natural for the egg bioactive growth factors to vary slightly in color. 

LAMININE will still bring out the excellent benefits it is designed for, and the removal of titanium dioxide will not compromise the functionality or quality of the product. 

Ingredient Name Update  

 In our mission of continued improvement, we will be updating the packaging for LAMININE, EXTRIM SHAPE and OMNIA. “Silicon Dioxide” will be replaced with “Silica” for the packaging to align with industry preferences as “Silica” is a more widely recognized term. Our packaging for OMEGA+++, IMMUNE+++ and DIGESTIVE has already made this update to its packaging.  

Upcoming Packaging Enhancements 

All products will soon be shipped with protective outer boxes, which will make for an enhanced experience. LifePharm is committed to surpassing industry standards and updating the presentation of our products is a reflection of this.  

What other initiatives is LifePharm involved with?  

LifePharm is dedicated to choosing sustainable sources, non-GMO; their products are prepared in cGMP and monitored in FDA facilities; everything is clinically tested for safety and free of heavy metals, pesticides, and contaminants made at our home in the USA. 

LifePharm Clean-Label Initiative FAQs

Q: Aren’t LifePharm products already manufactured with many of the Clean Label standards? 

A: YES! Our formulations of natural, safe, and effective products are already well along the way to the standards needed for being given a “Clean Label.”  


Q: Will I notice a change in the way my products look? 

A: You may notice some changes to the appearance of some of our products. As an example, removing titanium dioxide, which is mostly used as a coloring agent, will make your supplements appear to be a more natural color, rather than a bright color. 


Q: Are the outer boxes environmentally friendly? 

A: The outer boxes have been meticulously crafted with sustainability at the forefront. We wholeheartedly encourage you to recycle the outer boxes, as your contribution will play a vital role in fostering environmental sustainability. 


Q: Will I need to stop taking products until they are reformulated for Clean Label? 

A:  LifePharm products are safe, effective, and natural as they are. In terms of Clean Label, we are already moving ahead! As we reformulate, you can continue to use and sell products with confidence. 


Thank you for your continued trust and we will continue our commitment to delivering high quality products to you.