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by LifePharm Inc.

5 Simple Tips for Holiday Sales Success

smiling grandmother and grand child opening gifts

The holiday season is in full swing, and perhaps now more than ever, friends, family and colleagues are looking for holiday gifts to stay healthy. Now is the time to get into the selling spirit and begin networking and sharing the amazing LifePharm products you already know and love. Not sure how to start? Here are 5 fail-proof ideas to get your creative ideas flowing and your profits rolling in.

1. Map Out a Marketing Campaign

This holiday season more people are spending time at home, making it the perfect time to schedule a friendly phone call! The key to a successful seasonal selling campaign is to let your past and future customers know about the fantastic products and deals you have to offer. Block out time on your calendar to phone customers who are due to refill orders; follow up with prospects who have yet to purchase; and share information about your business with new friends and colleagues. Be sure to provide details on our special holiday promotions and discounts and encourage everyone to take advantage of our amazing products for themselves. And, remind them to purchase extra quantities as gifts for their friends and family.

2. Think Outside the (Gift) Box!

Make it easy for your customers to shop with you this holiday season. Consider putting together custom gift baskets filled with our most popular items. Create a beautiful longevity gift set using our Nutritional Powerhouse products. Or, customize a gift of beauty with our Skin Cell Regeneration Beauty Pack. If your region allows, host an open house where guests can freely brose and buy. As we get closer to the end of the year, consider a "Last Minute Shopping" sale and post it on your social media pages. Emphasize the quality of our products and the convenience of shopping directly through your LifePharm business.

3. Focus on Follow-up

So much of direct sales success lies in how frequently you follow up with those who show an interest in the products and services you have to offer. The holidays are a great time to dust off old leads and begin reaching out again to share our high-quality products. With so many in-person shopping outlets off-limits this year, offering LifePharm products directly to prospective customers will be a welcome convenience for more people than you think!

4. Offer Referral Bonuses

Do you have robust list of happy, repeat customers? Now is the time to call in some favors and ASK for referrals. Everyone knows someone who needs our products! From nutritional support and youth-boosting innovation to sustainable financial rewards, there is a product or opportunity to fit every possible want and need. Make your offer enticing by giving customers a gift or discount on their favorite products when they refer a friend who makes a purchase or signs up as an IBO. Be sure to put a December 31 (or sooner) deadline on your offer to create a sense of urgency!

5. Set Goals for a Successful New Year

The holidays are a great time to begin setting business appointments for January 2021. The new year is when most people set new health, nutrition, beauty and financial goals, making it an ideal opportunity to introduce them to LifePharm. Use the next 4 weeks to fill up your calendar for next month and book appointments to share your business with others. Consider partnering with a "business buddy" to keep you accountable to your goals, and plan to make 2021 your best year ever!

As this eventful year winds down, there are many people who want and need what LifePharm has to offer. Whether it's a desire for healthier living, a goal of pandemic-proofing their immune system, or a need for additional income, we can help people everywhere achieve healthier and wealthier lives. What better holiday gift is there than that? Share our products and our opportunity now while the holidays are in full swing and reap the rewards for months and years to come.